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One of the misunderstandings about TriCoast is that it costs a lot of money to be a TriCoast Senior, when reality it does not. Here at TriCoast we believe in NO HIDDEN FEES and NO BAIT AND SWITCH methods. The "Tell Your Story" sessions do just that, specialized to you and your special needs. Below explains our sessions a little more.



  •  Studio/Houston or Galveston Packages
  • PreConsults to determine what your needs and wants are weeks before your session
  • 30 minutes to an hour for inside studio sessions and at least one hour for outside session all over Southern Brazoria County or Houston/Galveston.
  • No Outfit Limits (bring your entire closet if you want, we have the room in our studio and let your personal TriCoast artist figure out what works best for you and the custom backdrops.
  • No Pose Limits, complete freedom to relax and do what you do best! We do not want any limitations on our "Tell Your Story" Sessions, so you can simply have fun!
  • Hand processing of every portrait shown by TriCoast's world class photographers and in-house digital retouch artists.
  • Investment Session in the comfort of your own home, a few weeks after your session, this is the time you purchase your portraits so please make sure EVERYONE who wants portraits of your senior is there during this event.


INdulgence - The TriCoast EXPERIENCE - Houston or Galveston



These sessions are the perfect way to tell your story with indoor, outdoor choices as well as the option to bring what you love. The EXPERIENCE sessions are perfect for showing who you really are, truly "Telling Your Story". Bring your personal items and we will use them to tell who you are. With approximately one hour inside the studio and approximately two hours in and around either the downtown cities of Houston or Galveston we truly capture who you are and "Tell Your Story" in the process.

  • 4 Hours of shooting time
  • Unlimited Outfits
  • Unlimited Poses
  • Professional Hair and Makeup done at our Studio before your session
  • A Minimum of 75 Portraits to choose from
  • Designer Collection Purchase Required



One of our custom "Tell Your Story" sessions, we promise to give you the very best portraits TriCoast can offer. So get ready to have a blast hanging out with the very best of senior photography artists in Brazoria County and the surrounding areas. Contact our studio line or one of our artists to set up an appointment today.

Lake Jackson, TX 77566